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Things to Consider Before Your Call...


Make sure any important decision makers (spouse or other family) are present for the call.


Find a quiet place free from distractions with good reception to take the call.


If you have other documents like reports, samples, etc. that you want to go over or discuss on the call, email hello@yesweinspect.com with your name and phone consultation date ahead of time.

2 Things to Keep in Mind During Your Call...

Most mold is HIDDEN

You don't need an ACTIVE water source to have a mold

A Healthier Home Starts Here

"I've been searching for something like this for a long time for my patients. I am so happy that Corey Levy and Brian Karr answered the call."

"We were just kicking ourselves that we didn't start with you in the first place. Learning through We Inspect, we feel confident we did the right thing."

"Save yourself the time and the frustration, and reach out to Brian and to his company because they know what they're doing. You'll get what you want a lot faster."

"I'm so lucky to come across you and I feel like I'm in the know, I'm not in the dark anymore."

"I've always had respect for these guys. I can give all the supplements in the world, and it won't change unless their environment is clean enough for them to get well."

Founded by the Chief Science Officer Dr. Dale Bredesen, Apollo Health is leading the charge in Alzheimer’s disease research prevention and memory loss reversal.

Apollo Health’s ReCODE 2.0 training supports coaches, physicians, other medical professionals, lifestyle and nutrition experts by providing dynamic, evolving solutions for cognitive decline, empowering practitioners to prevent and reverse symptoms.

We Inspect Co-founder Brian Karr teaches in the ReCODE 2.0 training, which teaches 3 sections, each based on the different phases of the mold-affected patient journey (1. Find 2. Prove 3. Remove) to help practitioners guide their patients to eliminate exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mold is like a peanut allergy; not everyone is allergic…

While certain species of mold are generally understood to be toxigenic and harmful to almost everyone, this does not mean that species outside of these more notorious “bad” molds are necessarily “safe” or that they cannot have an impact on the individual(s) in a home. It is important to consider the personal level of sensitivity for a particular person as it relates to environmental contaminants: some people can be more reactive to mold while others are not, much like how someone with peanut allergies experiences symptoms when others are fine.

There are 3 main reasons why some people react to mold exposure in their homes, while other do not:

Genetic Predisposition – Approximately 24% of the population are unable to detoxify mold due to the expression of the HLA-DR gene. This means even a small exposure can create a severe reaction.

Previous Exposures – Mold exposure can literally retrain your body’s response to environmental contaminants at the cellular level. This can create auto-immune response in your body that can impact you for years in the future.

Current Health Position – Mold at its core is an immunosuppressant. So if your immune system is already compromised (ie. Lyme disease, auto-immune disease, cancer, etc.) then adding mold to the mix can be catastrophic.

In most homes, we discover signs of historical leaks that the homeowner wasn’t aware of. Historical water damage means you don’t need water today to have a problem. And just because water-damage happened years ago and dried up, does not mean the mold just went away.

Our data shows that mold is hiding behind 8 of every 10 water-damaged areas in any given home, so we’ll complete a thorough inspection to find these specific areas and test appropriately.


Without sampling we won’t know where the mold is hiding and the full extent of the overall issue. This means we won’t be able to create an effective remediation plan. 

We will personally fly to your home, find the hidden mold and biotoxins, create a customized remediation plan, and guide you through the process. We do not perform any remediation work ourselves because it’s a conflict of interest for the same company to handle both inspection and remediation. Once remediation protocols are determined, we’ll help you by referring remediators.

Every home can be fixed.

No home is beyond saving; some homes require more work than others to bring it to an acceptable condition for a hypersensitive family.

While we’re here for you, we’re not here to make choices for you; we’re here to present data and find the sources of the problem. 

Yes. Both The Mold Guy and Certified Mold Inspections are affiliated with We Inspect and share the same methodologies and best practices for those with hypersensitivity.

Who We've Trained

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2019 - 2022
Forum for Integrative Medicine Annual Conference
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International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society Annual Scientific Conference
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