• Receive an email to book Onboarding Call
  • When Onboarding call is booked, Support Rep sends an email for account set up to complete before Onboarding Call. (If tech support is needed, this can be set up on the Onboarding Call)
  • Onboarding Call is a Zoom Call where the process is overviewed, the inspection day + strategy call are booked, Room type selected, Support rep is established as main point of contact, follow up email sent
Fastest possible: 1 week for onboarding, inspection, strategy call and sampling process up to 3 weeks for results turnaround* Simple sample plans and raw results can be turned around faster *if every step is done as early as possible (based on schedule availability of business and client)
Air, Air Cavity, Swab, EPA 36, ERMI, Mycotoxin, Endotoxin.
If you buy 3 or more rooms on the Strategize service plan, the cost per room reduces from $225 to $179.
The virtual inspection process with We Inspect Together is made to be completely flexible, allowing you to address only specific areas of concern with the guidance of health-aware mold experts. Some things to consider when determining which rooms and/or how many rooms you should select are:
  • What are the main areas of concern? These are spots you know there is an issue or you suspect there are signs of an issue.
  • What are the surrounding rooms to that area? Of the areas identified above, it’s important to consider what rooms are adjacent, above or below these areas of concern. Why? Because knowing that mold growth comes from areas of water damage, it is very common that if water is impacting from one area, that the issue could be stemming from within the walls, ceilings or floors, and therefore impacting the adjacent area.
  • Areas we statistically know to be at a higher risk for mold issues: These common problem areas are kitchens, bathrooms and utility areas.
  • Areas where you spend the most time, and therefore could likely impact your health due to greater exposure.
Yes, 1 sample is provided per room purchased. More samples beyond that are at an additional fee.

“Samples start at just $89 each”
If they ask more details new sample prices for eWIT are:

  • $89 for source – air/swab
  • $395 for EPA 36 + ERMI
  • $700 for Myco + Endo

*Air pump rental is free, flat rate for shipping $50

The sampling kit we send you has the exact same materials that our team uses in the field. We also have included a guide that has instructions as well as linked video tutorials for all the sampling types. If any issues arise, or doubts occur about the sample process our support team is available to help you navigate it.

iOS Support:

  • Will support iOS version 13 or above regardless of any iPhone device.

Android Support:

  • Supports devices running Android 7 and above.

Clients who have not booked their Onboarding Call within 2 weeks of purchase will be issued a 25% refund.

The inspection must be completed within 1 month of purchase. If sampling the client must decide on what samples they do and process the payment within 48 hours of the Strategy Call.

Once the Onboarding Call is complete but the inspection is not complete, there is a 50% refund available if needed.

Once the inspection portion of the process is complete, the payment for inspecting the rooms is non-refundable.

Once the final results have been processed for the Strategize Service Plan, you cannot adjust to a lower plan pricing.

At any time you can adjust to a higher service plan, to get more thorough results. Timeframes may vary.

Our inspectors have a lot experience in finding and viewing different types of water damage that may not be as apparent that are linked to mold growth. Depending on what visual cues there are, we recommend certain sample types we can take to better understand what is going on in that area.

Between Purchase to Onboarding Call

After purchasing a virtual inspection service, you will receive an email to book an Onboarding Call. Once you have booked your Onboarding Call, our team will create a user account for you, which will send you an email with temporary credentials to log into the app. You will need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, then log in with those credentials. Once you have logged in, reset your password. Then wait for the Onboarding Call to receive instructions on the next steps.
Because this is an entirely virtual inspection process, we want to make sure you have all the information and resources you need to begin. The purpose of the Onboarding Call is to;
  • establish your User Account in the App,
  • Review the overall Process from Inspection, to Sampling to Receiving your Results,
  • To Schedule your Inspection Day so you can receive real-time support while going through your home taking photos
  • and Schedule your Strategy Call, so you can hop on a call with the Lead Consultant Inspector who reviewed your photos and discuss what Samples should be taken to optimize your ability to accomplish your goals
  • Lastly, Select which rooms you will be including in the inspection so you can take the next steps in the app by answering a Pre-Inspection Survey about the selected rooms.
Inspection Day — inspection day is either a 2 hour window of time or a 4 hour window of time depending on the number of rooms purchased.
# of Rooms Inspection Length Time Frames
1-3 Rooms 2 hours 9:30 am -11:30 am PST
OR 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm PST
4-6 Rooms 4 hours 10:00 am – 2:00 pm PST
6 + Rooms At least one 4 hour window, with either 2 or 4 hours windows booked to support the additional rooms* Same time frames apply
*If they booked more than 6 rooms no matter what they book multiple inspection days, but if after the first one they feel comfortable to navigate the app and complete the tasks on their own, they can complete the remaining rooms in their own time. As long as all tasks related to an inspection are completed 12 hours prior to the booked Strategy Call.
Yes, you can adjust to a different service level as well as adjust the number of rooms you are doing at any point in the process. *See Refund Policy for more information.

Home Testing Kit is assembled with only the samples you pay for, the necessary equipment for sampling, pre-labeling shipping materials to send samples to lab and return kit to us. Guides on how to complete samples, documentation needed for the lab.

AKA the home testing kit has everything they need. You have 3 days to sample before returning the equipment back to us.

In reality the process of actually taking the samples should only take about 1-2 hours.
When you are done with taking samples, you return the kit to us and send the samples to the lab.

Inspection Day + Strategy Call

No. After analyzing your photo submissions, the lead consultant will recommend tests specifically for what your space needs. Based on the samples you approve, we send you exactly what you need for the samples you select.
No. The inspection day consists of you taking photos in the mobile app. There will be a unique SMS line for that day to communicate with the support rep and lead consultant for any questions on process or about mold.
It depends on the inspection / photo submissions and what the lead consultant sees in the space.
The Strategy Call is your chance to go over the areas of your home that you have inspected with the Lead Inspector. During this call your Lead Inspector will go over the samples they recommended and the next steps of the process.

Sampling plays an important role in the inspection process. It is used to make educated decisions on the conditions within a space and if remediation is necessary.

It is important to remember mold is a microscopic organism, only through sampling is it possible to make the proper decisions to determine whether or not a suspect area that has water damage or discoloration is indicative of mold growth.

We have a variety of samples we can collect to help us determine the extent a mold and biotoxin problem within the home.
  • Source Area Sampling: Samples that are used to determine if the suspect areas throughout the home are sources of mold. Each of the two sample types listed below are analyzed through microscopy (looking at the spore shapes under a microscope, identifies mold Genus).
    • Air- The use of air-o-cells and air pump to capture spores that are floating around in the air. These samples are collected in targeted areas to determine if there are elevated mold counts compared to the outdoor levels due to water damage building material. Disclaimer An outdoor baseline sample is required due when collecting indoor air samples.
    • Swab- The use of a sterile synthetic swab on the surfaces of an area. These samples are collected where there appears to be visible signs of suspect mold to determine if and what mold types are present.
  • Progressive Samples: These samples are typically used in a way to gain a higher knowledge of the overall impact of source areas of mold and biotoxins within the home. Typically these samples are used in what we call a Home Screen Panel or test collected directly within the HVAC system to determine with fine precision what molds/biotoxins are present.
    • ERMI / EPA 36 – Mold-Specific Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (MSQPCR) testing that analyses molds down to the species level. The results of this testing analysis identifies the presence of 36 different mold species. Speciation of molds can be very helpful for those who are health compromised due to the ability of various species within the same genus to produce different symptoms and mycotoxins.
    • Mycotoxins- Liquid Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) testing which identifies four different types of mycotoxins: Aflatoxin, Zearalenone, Sterigmatocystin, and Ochratoxin A. Mycotoxins are the byproduct, or secondary metabolite of certain mold species and the presence of Mycotoxins can lead to a variety of different health risk. These risk include: birth defects, gene mutation, neurological issues, immunosuppression, and carcinogenic properties (the ability to cause cancers).
    • Endotoxins-Testing conducted through LAL (limulus amebocyte lysate) which is used to detect the presence and concentration of endotoxins. Endotoxins are compounds found in the outer membrane of certain (”gram-negative”) bacteria which are commonly found in areas of standing water. Although these endotoxins can be common in high levels these compounds can pose health risk such as respiratory inflammation, respiratory symptoms and lung function decline.
Please use the images provided by the app as a guide in areas to look. It is important to remember that mold is often hidden. Be sure to keep your eyes open and look out for the 5 signs of hidden mold growth which include: bubbling, buckling & separation, cracking & peeling, rust & efflorescence, and staining. If you do notice any these types of damage while doing your inspection make sure you add a task and document that suspect area for the Lead Inspector to see.

After Strategy Call

2 weeks. After this, the case for you inspection is closed and a new inspection of the environment would be required as the conditions change and so could our recommendations based on that.
The extent to which you can deal with your mold issues is very limited. There is only so much we can assess from an environment without getting the data that sampling provides. Sampling is an essential part of the process to provide actionable results.

Sampling Process

1-2 business days from payment of samples.
You can reach out to our support email at for any specific sampling questions. If we need to hop on a call we can arrange that as well to explain in greater detail depending on the situation.

During the Strategy call the Lead Inspector will show you where they recommend samples need to be collected. Some of the photos you submit will be marked with circles and arrows to show where in that area the sample should be collected. Please refer back to the app to the recommended test tab to see the photos with the marking.

Marking Key:

Circles: Symbolize where an Air Sample should be collected in an area.

Arrows: Symbolize where a Swab Sample should be collected in an area.

Arrow pointing into a Circle: Symbolize where an Air Sample should be collected as a ceiling or wall cavity.

During the Strategy call the Lead Inspector will show you where they recommend samples need to be collected. Some of the photos you submit will be marked with circles and arrows to show where in that area the sample should be collected. Please refer back to the app to the recommended test tab to see the photos with the marking.

Marking Key:

Circles: Symbolize where an Air Sample should be collected in an area.

Arrows: Symbolize where a Swab Sample should be collected in an area.

Arrow pointing into a Circle: Symbolize where an Air Sample should be collected as a ceiling or wall cavity.

When I collect samples is there anything specific I should/should not do?

When collecting samples it is best to utilize proper PPE to protect yourself from any molds or biotoxins you may be aerosolizing during the collection process.

Wear gloves when handling the sample media (Air-o-cells, Swabs, or Swiffers).

All windows/doors should be closed during the sampling period. It is best to keep the home as air tight 24-48 hours before the sampling is conducted.

All Air purifiers/filters should be turned off 24-28 hours prior to the samples being collected.

HVAC systems can remain on during the sampling EXCEPT when you are conducting samples inside the actual HVAC system.

Make sure you follow all the sampling guides for proper testing procedures.

After Sampling Process

Once the lab notifies us that they received the samples you sent them, it takes up to 3 weeks to generate the results.

Once you received and reviewed your results, if remediation is recommended your next step should be researching and contacting remediation contractors to schedule an estimate for the remediation plan.

If you purchased the Strategize service plan, you will have the ability schedule a Report Review to discuss your questions with a Senior Consultant. Upgrades to the Strategize plan are available at anytime during the process.

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