We Inspect Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy

I. Inspection Deposits

To begin booking an inspection with We Inspect, an Inspection Deposit must be paid upfront. The Inspection Deposit is non-refundable and is the minimum spend requirement for our inspection process. The Inspection Deposit will be applied to the flat rate inspection service fee and sampling strategy.

An Inspection Deposit can only apply to one specific property and its associated inspection appointment. Any subsequent visits to the property will always incur a new inspection service fee, non-refundable Inspection Deposit, and associated minimum spend requirement regardless of prior inspections.

II. Payment Methods

All payments are carried out online through 3rd party payment processing systems. Transactions for our company are carried out by default through ACH payment links (bank transfer). We accept credit card payments by client request, however there is a 3.5% processing fee associated with this method of payment. We do not accept physically mailed checks for payment.

III. Approvals & Balances

All parties involved in financial decisions must be readily available on a computer with internet access for all scheduled calls including the Pre-Inspection Video Call and Inspection Review Video Call. If all parties are not in attendance on the calls, the calls must be rescheduled and the Inspection Deposit will be subject to forfeiture.

Full balance for the approved sampling plan must be paid within one week of the Inspection Review Video Call. Samples will not be sent to laboratories and an inspection report will not be delivered until the total balance is fulfilled. Failure to pay the full balance of the approved sampling plan within 1 week from the Inspection Review Video Call will result in forfeiture of Inspection Deposit and samples being discarded.

Scheduling Policy

I. Bookings

If you are interested in booking an inspection, notify the Empowerment Team of your decision to move forward by sending an email to hello@yesweinspect.com or by calling our office at 888-436-6653 (leave a voicemail if no answer). From there, you will be sent an email with directions to submit your Inspection Deposit, as outlined in our Payment Policy above.

Upon successful payment of the Inspection Deposit, you will be provided with a calendar link to set up your Scheduling Call with our Scheduling Team. The purpose of the Scheduling Call is to secure the specific dates and times for your inspection appointment. To ensure a streamlined scheduling process, please come to the Scheduling Call prepared with full awareness of availability for all decision makers that will need to be involved with the inspection process.

II. Timelines

Lead time for Scheduling Calls is typically 1-3 business days. Lead time for new inspections varies depending on personnel availability, but is typically 2-3 weeks in advance at minimum. By default, the Scheduling Team will be prepared to offer the earliest dates available for your area unless otherwise directed by previously expressed scheduling preferences.

Default arrival window for site visits is between 9-10am local time. Default scheduling for Pre-Inspection Video Calls is one business day prior to the inspection. Default scheduling for Inspection Review Video Calls is the Thursday or Friday following the inspection date.

If a client is unable to attend their scheduled Pre-Inspection Video Call, all dates for their inspection appointment will need to be rescheduled. Clients must provide at least 1 week notice that their scheduled Pre-Inspection Video Call does not work or they will forfeit their Inspection Deposit.

If an emergency occurs after the inspection that prevents a client from being able to attend the Inspection Review Video Call, the meeting can be rescheduled but must take place within 7 days of the originally scheduled meeting date. If the Inspection Review Video Call does not occur within this timeframe, the client will forfeit their Inspection Deposit and collected samples will be discarded.

Sampling plan must be approved with full balance paid within one week of the Inspection Review Video Call. If the sampling plan is not approved and/or balance is not paid by the 1 week deadline, samples will be discarded and the client will forfeit their Inspection Deposit.

Standard turnaround time for results and report from the investigation is 4 weeks from the date that the full balance is paid for the approved sampling plan. Specific sample results and/or findings from the investigation will not be discussed or disclosed prior to the release of the full inspection report. Delayed payment will result in delayed results and report.

Samples can be expedited for an additional fee to receive inspection results and report in as little as 2-2.5 weeks from the date of sampling plan payment. All samples collected from an inspection must be expedited in order for a project timeline to be reduced from 4 weeks to as little as 2-2.5 weeks. Associated fees for expediting samples can be reviewed with the Lead Consultant during the Inspection Review Video Call.

III. Cancellations

Inspection Deposits are non-refundable. If a situation arises in which you must cancel your appointment, the deposit can be applied towards a future inspection within 6 months of the date that the Inspection Deposit was paid.

If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, it is required to provide notice to We Inspect at least 1 week prior to the Pre-Inspection Video Call date. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in forfeiture of the Inspection Deposit.

Communication Policy

I. Outbound Communication Channels

We Inspect utilizes a variety of communication channels to communicate important updates with clients, including but not limited to: email, phone calls, SMS messaging, video conferencing, calendar events and download links. In order to work with We Inspect, clients are required to have a reliable means of communicating through these channels. Communication across all channels may be monitored and recorded for quality and training purposes.

All documentation produced by We Inspect including reports, sample results, and other relevant findings are provided digitally via email and/or download links. We do not offer printed versions.

II. Inbound Communication Channels

Email is the most reliable communication method for contacting We Inspect and the preferred channel for basic questions and non-urgent matters. Anyone may contact We Inspect anytime by emailing our Empowerment Team at hello@yesweinspect.com.

We Inspect’s standard office hours of operation are 9am-5pm PST. Anyone who wishes to speak with a member of the We Inspect team may contact the office directly at 888-436-6653. The office phone number is also capable of receiving SMS messages.

If your call is not answered, leave a voicemail explaining the purpose of the call. Missed calls that do leave a voicemail may not receive a call back from our team. Although we try to return phone calls in a timely manner, the most reliable way to ensure time for a phone call is to email our team ahead of time and arrange a time for a member of our team to reach out.

III. Third Parties

We Inspect does not work with clients by proxy. All necessary discussions, approvals, and payments for our inspection process must occur directly between the We Inspect team and the client for that appointment. Clients may not designate 3rd parties to act on their behalf for any part of the inspection process, including but not limited to: landlords, attorneys, doctors, remediators, contractors, and family members.

All information resulting from our inspection process is confidential between We Inspect and the client for that appointment. We Inspect does not disclose or discuss results from an investigation with any 3rd parties without specific written authorization from the client. If a client wishes to authorize disclosure and/or discussion of their inspection results by We Inspect with a 3rd party, they may send an email to hello@yesweinspect.com providing authorization that includes the 3rd party individual(s) name, email, phone number, and relationship to the client.

We Inspect reserves the right to charge hourly for reviewing documentation with third parties.

IV. Use of Inspection Findings

We Inspect reserves the right to utilize any material produced as a result of the inspection process including but not limited to pictures, videos, and sample results for use in publicly available produced content such as social media and blog posts.

Client Policy

I. Release from Liability

All services provided are professional opinions and are solely based on the scope of work conducted. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the service. Nor shall we be responsible for any fees, direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of the service. The service is provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

Further and irrespective of the sampling chosen and remediation strategy utilized: Mold is a type of fungus occurring naturally in the environment, found everywhere life can be supported and spread by means of microscopic spores borne in the ambient air and wind. Good housekeeping & maintenance practices are essential to prevent or avoid the recurrence of mold growth. If moisture is allowed to remain on a medium, mold and/or bacteria can develop or reoccur within 24 to 48 hours, no matter how sophisticated and successful the sampling and remediation techniques employed.

II. Preparation for Inspection

All contents should be removed from underneath all sink cabinets prior to the inspection.

Inspections and testing are limited to the areas we can physically observe and sample. It is required that all areas being inspected to be cleared of items which would obstruct the area(s) from being physically observed and sampled before the day of the inspection, as we do not move any personal items due to liability reasons. Therefore if the area is obstructed by: Personal items, furniture, appliance, heavy equipment, building finishings, excessive flooding or other physically inaccessible areas (ie; tightly confined crawl spaces, attics or eaves) we may not be able to physically observe and test these spaces.

No other home service professionals or other companies performing high impact activities to the environment should be present on site the day of the inspection. This includes any kind of trade companies (plumbers, house cleaners, contractors, remediators, etc.) and the performance of disruptive activities to the environment of the home (construction, chemical treatments, etc.).

If the property has elevated, hard to reach areas that the client wishes to be inspected which require a ladder for access, it is required that they provide an A-Frame ladder for use by the Field Inspector. If any locations to be inspected do not allow for the Field Inspector to safely use the ladder, or the height is too tall, the Field Inspector can refuse the right to inspect the area. Field Inspectors will not get on top of building roofs.

III. Impact on Property

Although the inspection process is generally non-destructive and non-intrusive, We Inspect reserves the right to conduct activities that may cause some level of alteration or damage to property as part of the investigation. Examples include, but are not limited to, drilling holes for targeted sampling of potential problem areas and disassembly of ventilation system components for examination. We Inspect is not responsible for any property damage incurred as a result of the inspection process.

IV. Safety

By moving forward with booking an inspection the client assumes and accepts the risk that our team’s actions in the home may lead to the possibility of increased risk of exposure to environmental contaminants within the property. It is the client’s responsibility to vacate the property for the duration of the inspection if they are concerned about the potential health impacts of the inspection process.

If at any time conditions of certain areas within the property appear unsafe for We Inspect’s inspection personnel we reserve the right to not inspect, test or enter the area. If at any time conditions on site appear unsafe for We Inspect’s inspection personnel, we reserve the right to postpone, cancel, or discontinue the inspection process as our team sees fit. Any reduction in the scope of services resulting from unsafe environmental conditions does not entitle the client to any level of reimbursement from the Inspection Deposit or other prior payments.

V. Health and Medical Information

As a health-oriented company, We Inspect strives to provide the best and most accurate information possible to educate clients on the potential impacts that indoor air quality problems can have on individual health. However, as an inspection company any information provided as a result of our inspection process or otherwise should not be taken as formal medical advice on the specific health symptoms experienced by any particular individual. One should always consult a qualified medical practitioner when seeking professional advice regarding personal health concerns.

VI. Deposit Forfeiture & Refusal of Service

Clients who fail to respect the policies and integrity of We Inspect’s inspection process and its employees are subject to deposit forfeiture, meaning loss of Inspection Deposit without application towards future inspection appointments.

We Inspect reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, regardless of prior work history or expressed need for our services.

VII. Inspection Appointment

Moving forward with the inspection process entitles client to book their “Inspection Appointment”, which includes the collective series of meetings as follows:

  • Pre-Inspection Video Call (30 minutes)
  • Inspection (1-2 days, 3-20+ hours on site)
  • Inspection Review Video Call (90 minutes)
  • Report Review Call (30 minutes)

Additional meeting requests are subject to an hourly rate.

Post remediation inspection and verification services are not included within the scope of the initial inspection appointment. Any client interested in having these services performed on a property for which We Inspect performed for a property in which our team has performed the initial inspection may do so by booking a separate appointment that will carry its own set of service and sampling fees.

VIII. Reports and Documentation

Approved sample plans come with an Investigation Report which includes photos and comments from the property inspection and recommendations for remediation from the areas where samples were approved and paid for by the client. A bulleted room by room summary of recommended remediation will be provided in the email sent with the investigation report and original lab results. All reports and documents provided by We Inspect are final and are not subject to change requests from clients.

Remediation recommendations will not be provided for areas where samples were not collected and/or areas where samples were suggested but declined by the client. If all samples are declined, no report will be provided. If a report is requested prior to samples being approved or after samples are declined, a fee for generating the report may be charged. Additional documentation other than the Investigation Report, original lab results and bulleted room by room summary of recommended remediation protocols may be prepared for an additional fee and hourly rate for developing documentation.

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