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Have a question?  We've got an answer. 

Have a question?
 We've got an answer. 

Great question. Although nationwide, we’re still a small business at heart, and offer a limited amount of inspections per month. And as you can imagine, the logistics for coordinating an inspection are thorough so we ask up-front for potential clients to provide the details to make this process as smooth as possible for our team, and most importantly, for you.

We will personally fly to your home, find the hidden mold and biotoxins, create a customized remediation plan, and guide you through the process.

Just take 3-5 mins to complete the application and you’ll instantly know the next steps for moving forward.

That’s OK. You did absolutely nothing wrong, and we have resources that can help you. But, guess what? You’ll never know if you don’t apply.

Congrats! When you’re qualified, we give you the freedom to book a consultation at your leisure. We’ll be looking forward to meeting you during that initial call and discussing your situation.

In most homes, we discover signs of historical leaks that the homeowner wasn’t aware of. Historical water damage means you don’t need water today to have a problem. And just because water-damage happened years ago and dried up, does not mean the mold just went away.

Our data shows that mold is hiding behind 8 of every 10 water-damaged areas in any given home, so we’ll complete a thorough inspection to find these specific areas and test appropriately.

Short answer: YES

Without sampling we won’t know where the mold is hiding and the full extent of the overall issue. This means we won’t be able to create an effective remediation plan. And isn’t that our entire goal?

There are only two (2) reasons remediation doesn’t work; you either didn’t find the source(s) or you didn’t properly remove them.

By working with We Inspect, we handle the first part. Our remediation plans address the second part for you to ensure you’re not wasting precious time and money. Additionally, we provide remediation resources and referrals so you can get the job done right.

No, we don’t work directly with insurance, but we’ve had clients who have had success with getting coverage. There’s a strategy you’ll want to employ for the best chance of success that we’ve outlined succinctly in Episode No. 52 of the #moldfinders: RADIO Podcast titled “Mold Insurance Playbook”.

There are only 2 reasons
remediation doesn't work.

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