We Inspect Together – 1 Room


Full service virtual inspection for those who need both testing and remediation guidance. It helps identify unknown areas of mold contamination, prioritizes which of those areas should be addressed first, provides specific remediation protocols to be used, and grants access to our consultants to help guide the way.

All rooms come with one sample for source identification, either air or swab.

Any additional samples recommended, will be subject to an additional charge.

The price covers shipping costs for samples.

Who It’s For: This is ideal for those wanting access to We Inspect’s complete inspection and consulting process for the most comprehensive view of their situation and guidance for next steps.

We Inspect Together includes:

  • 1 source identification sample per room purchased
  • 1-to-1 Client Experience Specialist
  • Dedicated Lead Inspector
  • Realtime Inspection Support
  • 1x 30 Minute Test Strategy Consultation
  • Test Results
  • Test Results Interpretation
  • Prioritized Areas for Remediation
  • Custom Remediation Protocol
  • 1x 30 Minute Remediation Consultation with Senior Consultant

What to Expect

  • For 1 Room, a 2-hour inspection window is scheduled, allowing time for taking photos in the app and correspondence with the Lead Consultant. The entire 2 hours may not be necessary.
  • A follow-up call is scheduled to discuss the recommended test strategy for the environment.
  • Once you receive the home testing kit, sampling typically takes about an hour.
  • Note: Must have a phone operating on iPhone iOS version 13 or above (regardless of any iPhone device) or Android devices running Android 7 and above.

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