Mold Locator Test Kit


Simple. Accurate. Affordable.

The ONLY custom-built home test kit that pinpoints the EXACT location of mold and provides personalized remediation protocols.

  • 2 Mold Source Identification Tests
  • Home Analysis
  • 1-to-1 Test Kit Coordinator
  • Dedicated Test Kit Strategist
  • 30-Minute Test Kit Strategy Call
  • Simple step-by-step instruction
  • Laboratory Analysis & Results Interpretation
  • Personalized Remediation Protocols
  • Optional Discounted Testing
Kelly B.
Kelly B.
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Save yourself the time and the frustration, and reach out to Brian and to his company because they know what they're doing. You'll get what you want a lot faster.
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Allie O.
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We were just kicking ourselves that we didn't start with you in the first place. Learning through We Inspect, we feel confident we did the right thing.
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Dr. Jill Crista
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I've been searching for something like this for a long time for my patients. I am so happy that Corey Levy and Brian Karr answered the call.
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Joanna A.
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Thank you so much! Your team has been incredibly helpful.

How is it Customized to Me?

Home Analysis

Focus your test kit by discussing your concerns and objectives with your Coordinator.

Capture photos of concerning areas for analysis, allowing your Test Kit Strategist to recommend targeted testing.

Test Kit Customization

Review and approve the customized test kit recommendation on your Test Kit Strategy Call.

Receive your test kit with easy-to-follow instructions. Collect and send tests to the lab for analysis.

Personalized Remediation Protocols

After lab analysis, receive simple step-by-step protocols tailored to your situation, that can be easily executed by any remediation company.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Mold Locator Test Kit is to empower homeowners and renters to accurately and affordably detect hidden mold in their living spaces. It combines advanced testing methods with personalized guidance to provide targeted results and actionable recommendations for addressing mold issues effectively.

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms.

Our data shows that the majority of mold growth in a home is found in bathrooms and kitchens combined. We recommend including all of these rooms within your test kit analysis to get the most cost effective view of mold contamination within your home.

Additionally, we spend approximately 8-10 hours per day in our bedrooms, making them the areas in our homes where we spend the most time. Time spent in close proximity to an exposure can have a more significant impact on our health, which is why we always recommend including occupied bedrooms in the overall home analysis.

Each test kit is designed to analyze and test up to 3 areas within your home. If you need to test more areas, additional test kits can be purchased separately.

Each Mold Locator Test Kit includes 2 mold source identification tests, which can be either targeted air or swab samples. Any additional testing beyond the included tests will incur an additional fee. Additionally, each kit includes a 30-Minute Test Kit Strategy Call. During this call, your Test Kit Strategist will review the findings from your home analysis and provide recommendations for further testing if needed.

The Mold Locator Test Kit offers a range of testing options tailored to your needs. Each kit includes two mold source identification tests, either targeted air or swab samples. Additional testing beyond the two included tests is available at a discounted rate. Your Test Kit Strategist will work with you to create a testing strategy aligned with your goals, and you can choose which tests to include in your kit. The pricing for each type of testing is as follows: Source testing is $89 per test, Mold DNA testing is $395 per test, and Mycotoxin testing is $395 per test.

Samples are analyzed by third party accredited laboratories. Source identification tests are analyzed using microscopy method. Mold DNA testing is analyzed using MSqPCR method. Mycotoxin tests are analyzed using the LC-MS (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry) method.

After ordering your test kit, you will receive a link to schedule an Onboarding Call with your Coordinator. During this call, we will guide you through the setup process and ensure you’re ready to proceed with testing process.

After your Test Kit Strategy Call, we will send you a home testing kit with easy-to-follow instructions for conducting tests. The process is straightforward once you know where to test.

The entire process from start to finish typically takes around 2-3 weeks. The timeframe may vary depending on how quickly you upload photos for analysis and collect and send tests for analysis.

You can expect to receive your test results and remediation protocols within approximately 2 weeks after the lab confirms receipt of your tests.

Currently, we do not offer additional consulting services beyond the delivery of your remediation protocols.

Yes, the Mold Locator Test Kit is designed to be adaptable to any type of home, ensuring it can be tailored to your specific needs.

Absolutely. Our remediation protocols are designed with clear, step-by-step instructions that can be easily executed by any remediation contractor.

Your Coordinator serves as your personal guide throughout the kit customization and test collection process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

The Mold Locator Test Kit is designed to detect mold behind walls or in hidden spaces, setting it apart from other at-home testing options. Your kit will be customized to target areas of potential hidden mold contamination, guided by recommendations from your Test Kit Strategist.

If mold is detected using the kit, you will receive detailed remediation protocols outlining how to address the issue. Your next step would be to engage a remediation contractor to carry out these protocols effectively.

Yes, the kit is designed to be user-friendly even for individuals without prior experience in mold testing. It includes clear instructions on where to collect tests, guided by recommendations from your Test Kit Strategist. Once you know where to test, the collection process is straightforward and easy to follow.

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