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So, first off: I’m super excited to be sharing this with you because I get this question every single day… “What’s the best way to clean mold?” 

Another one I get pretty often is: “What do I use to clean my stuff…” 

But, don’t fret. Help has finally arrived!

Before we get started, there’s a caveat because there are so many different types of items you may want to clean. 

  • This recommendation is meant for non-porous items only. Like solid furniture, electronics, appliances, knick-knacks, dishes, etc… so basically anything that’s solid.
  • This email in no way implies or guarantees that all mold will be removed from your belongings when you use this product. The effectiveness depends on the application, and the level of contamination of the item being cleaned. 

Now that that’s out of the way…

The product is called Benefect Decon 30. This is actually the same anti-microbial product that I first recommend for cleaning during the remediation process as well.

The reason I like it is because it’s non-toxic. Those with mold-sensitivity can be sensitive to chemicals, so this helps reduce that reaction. 
It is a botanical blend (as compared to chemical blends of other products), with the primary active ingredient being Thymol… from botanical essential oils!

Here are some links with more information:

Product Listing: Click Here
Product Sheet: Click Here 
SDS Sheet: Click Here

“But what about my clothes!?!”

I knew that was coming, guys…

So, here’s something to try for clothing and anything else that can fit in a washing machine (that doesn’t have have visible mold growth!).

A little backstory first… I had a client that wanted to try to clean their clothes, and wanted testing to validate if it was successful. This was great because now I’d have a case study.

Their clothes were mold and mycotoxin contaminated. 

They washed these clothes in the washing machine, but replaced regular detergent with diluted ammonia (3%) and water… at the recommendation of their doctor (please note that if you have chemical sensitivities, then this is likely not a good option for you! You should consult with your doctor before trying this.).  After the washing, we tested the clothes again.

The mycotoxins were gone, and the mold was significantly reduced! The cleaning was successful… 

So keep this in mind as an option for your clothing. 

What NOT To Use?


First off, both the EPA and OSHA specifically recommend not using bleach to clean mold. 

Second, combining bleach with mycotoxins can create even more potent toxins. 


I know many of you will have questions about specific items and how to clean them. Unfortunately we simply do not have the ability to answer each individual question (I know there are so many!). Please CLICK HERE to visit the IICRC Standard & Reference Guide for Mold Remediation– Please refer to page 52* – to get a detailed answer to that specific question.

So, I ask that you please comment or message us through Instagram @moldfinders or text 949.528.8704. That is where we’ll be able to see your questions and comments and provide the best resources.

Brian Karr
Co-Founder, We Inspect

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