*Find out what your ERMI actually means

  • How many mold sources to remediate?
  • How does your home compare to others?
  • Should you stay or move?



The Challenge

Does this sound like you?

You suspect there’s a mold problem in your home – either from a doctor’s suggestion or after doing some research — and found that collecting an ERMI sample is a good first step to figuring it out. But when you get the results, you don’t know what they mean. There are all of these different mold types with names you can’t pronounce. There are numbers highlighted in different colors.

But there’s nothing answering the biggest question, “What should I do next?”

The problem is that ERMI results create “information underload.” It gives you enough information for concern, but not enough to help you understand the level of concern you should have. What you really want are answers to these three (3) core questions:

  1. Do I have a mold problem? 
  2. How bad is my home compared to others? 
  3. Should I stay or should I go?

You can call the lab to get answers, but they won’t interpret it for you because they have no idea what’s going on in your home specifically. You can spend another $100-$200 to consult with a social media personality who claims they can interpret it for you. But they have no idea what’s going on in your home either. All they can tell you is “You have a mold problem”. And in fact, they’ve likely never inspected a home!

That’s why we created ERMI code. The first ever ERMI interpretation tool that answers the 3 Core Questions. It allows you to compare your individual ERMI results to real inspection data from homes all over the country, instantly providing statistics and expectations about your home so you can decide how to move forward. (And it’s only $27!)

Our Process

Numbers Talk: Compare your ERMI to real inspection data from homes we've inspected all over the country.


Three years
of inspection data


Over $1.5 million in
inspections and sampling


Four thousand samples analyzed
from homes across the U.S.

When cross referencing our ERMI results with their corresponding inspection and source level testing data, we found that there is a hidden code within the ERMI that can provide insight into the overall condition of a home.

ERMI Code is the only ERMI interpretation tool that sets expectations to the number of hidden mold sources in your home, as well as, the frequency of abnormal bacterial growth and the presence of mycotoxins and endotoxins.

Simply put? We have real data about what ERMI
results actually mean for you and your home.

The ERMI Code

*What you'll discover about your home

  • Average Mold Sources
    ERMI Code tells you the average number of mold sources found in homes with ERMI results like yours. Now you will have an expectation about the scope of your remediation project, and you can decide if pricey inspections and remediation makes sense for you.

  • How Your Home Compares to Others
    If you know you have a mold issue, you may want to move. But most homes have some level of mold. So is your home on the low end or the high end? ERMI Code tells you where your home falls on the scale of all homes we analyzed so you can decide if moving is the right option.

  • What You Should Do
    We break down your ERMI to get an expectation of the condition of your home, then provide options and recommendations for how to move forward. Including the expectation for the size of the remediation project, the odds of finding a better home if you moved, and the logistical and financial factors to consider for all scenarios so you don’t get surprised by something down the road.
  • Mycotoxin Frequency
    Mycotoxins are chemicals meant to kill living things. On average we detect mycotoxins around 25% of the time. Your ERMI Code will tell you how often we detected mycotoxins in a home like yours. This is oftentimes the key metric when someone is deciding whether they should stay and remediate, or move to a new home.

  • Endotoxin and Actinomycetes Frequency
    These bacteria types and toxins have become a big topic in the functional medicine community. It is now known that they create and stimulate inflammation that impacts the entire body, and therefore must be accounted for when healing from mold related illnesses. ERMI Code will tell you often these bacterial elements were detected in a home like yours.
Total value of $405
*Get instant access for...

What you'll get with the ERMI Code

The ERMI Code (Digital Download) - a $197 value

Instant statistics and expectations about your home so you can decide how to move forward. Compare your ERMI result to real inspection and testing data from homes we’ve inspected across the country.

How-To Find Hidden Mold (Bonus) - a $27 value

This video from #moldfinders: METHOD teaches you the first step of every inspection. You can do this on your own for free, and find multiple areas of hidden mold growth (Without getting scammed by a bad mold inspector).

How-To Choose The Right Air Purifier (Bonus) - a $97 value

This video from our "Mold Masterclass" explains everything you need to know about air filtration and purification so you can select the best option for your situation. There’s even a website where you can see our most up to date recommendations based on your specific needs.

How-To Determine the Impact of a Leak (Bonus) - a $37 value

In this video from our After The Storm fundraising event, Brian Karr explains how to determine the full impact of a leak or water event. This is crucial if you’re planning on submitting an insurance claim or performing remediation; to make sure you don’t leave any mold behind.

The “Fly On The Wall” One-Time Webinar (Bonus) - a $47 value

Brian Karr held a one-time-only webinar where attendees could hear exactly what he discusses with his clients. He answers common questions about the inspection and remediation process, and even shows examples where you can immediately find mold in your home.


The ERMI Code and ERMI Sample are completely different interpretations based on completely different data sets.

Step 1: The ERMI Sample
ERMI uses the gold standard for mold analysis (DNA formatting*) to provide the most accurate detail of what molds are present in your home’s occupied living spaces.

But this data is only as good as its interpretation, and the ERMI cannot provide any insight as to how many source areas of mold growth would require remediation, or how that would compare to other homes.

Step 2: Interpreting The ERMI
The ERMI Code takes your ERMI sample result and compares it to 3 years of physical in-person inspection and testing data; providing reasonable expectations about the size of your remediation project and how that compares to other homes across the country.

*An ERMI sample alone is simply not capable of providing any of this information.

What's included? The ERMI ERMI Code

Analysis incorporates 36 mold species

Number of reported groups/levels:



Avg. mold sources to be remediated


Your home's ranking compared to others


Frequency of mycotoxin detection


Frequency of endotoxin detection


Frequency of actinomycetes detection


An answer to "Stay in home or move?"


Odds of finding a less moldy home


Moving cost breakdown


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I've used it twice now... On our pre-remediation and our post-remediation ERMIs. It definitely helps and it's affordable to use, so, that's great!
Jolene P.
November 5, 2021
After using the ERMI Code, I found it so helpful. I found it after I had already paid someone to interpret our very high ERMI and we had already decided to sell instead of remediate, but it really reassured me that we were making the right decision since our results showed us in group 5 (High Mold Load).
Jeneva B.
October 10, 2021
Such a life-changing resource and quality ERMI interpretation! I discovered Brian through some of the health podcasts I listen to. I am SO grateful for the amazing content he’s creating and making available. I’m learning so much! Highly recommend! Thank you, Brian!
Trish C.
October 27, 2021

Ready to find out what your
ERMI actually means?

The ERMI Code is for educational purposes only; our information doesn’t guarantee the same result in your home. There could be significantly more or less mold/biotoxin issues that can only be identified through inspection, and We Inspect, LLC will not be held liable for any action made from the information provided in this interpretation guide.

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